Caribbean Development

The Caribbean is made up of several autonomous islands. After the West Indies Federation dissolved the Caribbean Community or Caricom was formed. This was a hopeful beginning towards Caribbean development. Caricom was established on August 1, 1973 in hopes to create regional integration among the various countries and regions.

Many of the countries and territories in the Caribbean are considered to be “Developing States.” These countries face development challenges because they are small and very susceptible to natural disasters. They are included in the group of “middle income countries,” but they are unable to support themselves and therefore struggle with the challenges of globalization.

Caribbean development has been an issue for Caricom since its inception. One program that has worked to help Caricom with development while using renewable energy is the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Program (CREDP).

The CREDP is an initiative put forth by the ministers of Caricom in order to aid in Caribbean development by changing the market environment for renewable energy. The goal of the CREDP is for the regions in the Caribbean to have more access to renewable resources, which will allow them to minimize their fossil fuel use.